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Barry Corcoran, M.S.Edu Early Childhood

Teaching and training

I attained my Art and Design degree at Loughborough University and my Masters of Science in Education/Special Education (Early Childhood) in New York City, USA. During my training to become a teacher in the USA I also trained as an Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist under the guidance and supervision of Dr, Bobby Newman - Psychologist, Board Certified Behavioural Analyst and Author.

ABA in New York City

Applied Behaviour Analysis is a methodology primarily geared towards persons living with autism and endeavours to engage students by a process of Discreet Trial Teaching which is a specific method of teaching used to maximse learning. It is a teaching technique or process used to reduce negative and unwanted behaviours and to help develop many skills to enhance:


  • Fine motor skills

  • Gross motor skills

  • Cognitive development

  • Speech and language (expressive and receptive)

  • Social interaction

  • Confidence and self-esteem


Isabella Monhollan


“Dear Mr Corcoran

I want to say thank you for encouraging my daughter Jessica. Her art techniques have improved so much since she's been attending your classes. I must say that Jessica is much more attentive at home too - she's been teaching her baby brother how to mix paint and draw in perspective.

We are all looking forward to see what new ideas she comes back with next week"

Discreet Trial Teaching

​A therapy session uses repeated trials (or presentations), with each trial having a clearly identifiable beginning, middle and end to the session. The trial is 'Discrete' in that it is tailored for individual student's incidental to their regular learning routine, and each step of a skill is mastered before a new trial is presented.

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